Destitute couple worried about future of differently-abled sons, daughter

Bajura, December 30

Bhakta Giri of Kolti, Budhinanda Municipality-1, Bajura, is deeply concerned about the future of his two sons and a daughter as all of them are physically challenged.

Bhakta’s eldest son Dirgharaj, 27, youngest son Dharmaraj, 24, and daughter Samjhana, 29, were not born with physical disability. Giri’s sons and daughter were rendered disabled after suffering from an unknown disease. Dirgharaj suffered from the disease at the age of 12 years, while Dharmaraj and Samjhana suffered from the disease at the age of 14 years.

All of them have common problems — they can’t move their hands and legs, have no control over their bodies, can’t speak and can’t listen properly.

On top of it, the family’s extremely poor financial conditional has made their treatment next to impossible.

As per their mother Amini, the children can crawl with the help of their legs and hands like a small baby.

“One of us must help them while moving from one place to another. We did everything possible from our side but in vain. I wonder what holds for them in future,” she said.

Bhakta said he sold all his land for their treatment.

“We took them to health facilities in Dhangadi, sold all the property for their treatment. Though Dr Satya Shahi at Kolti Primary Health Centre speculated that they might have problems related either related to bone or neuron and advised us to take to them to the capital for treatment, we failed to do so because we didn’t have enough money,” regretted the Giri couple. They said they barely managed two square meals a day.

Dirgharaj was in Grade VII, Dharmaraj in Grade VI and Samjhana in Grade VII when they suddenly suffered from the disease and could not continue their studies thereafter.