The airport road at Dhangadi sub-metropolis is riddled with many potholes due to lack of maintenance for a long time.

The locals have been facing problems due to the worsening condition of the Mohanapur-Geta Airport. The ditches along the road section has destroyed the beauty of the airport. The locals said they felt obstructed whenever travelling to the airport through the road section.

A local at Dhangadi Mahesh Rokaya said it irritated him whenever he had to go to the airport.

"The rough road has made the travelling experience terrible," he said. He said unwanted ditches had also destroyed the vehicles.

Another local Harendra Chaudhary said the road section along the airport were making a mockery of the VIPs. He said no one had taken the initiative to repair the road even though vehicles of the prime minister, ministers, chief ministers, among other VIPs plied through the road. He added that the chances of road accident were also very high due to the ditches.

Rabindra Joshi, another local, said the road section was neglected even though many VIPs had been using the road on a daily basis. The 2.1-kilometre road section from Mohanpur to Geta Airport is dilapidated. Joshi said everyone was aware about the condition of the road. "But no one spoke about it," he added. He complained that people could not walk along the road when rainwater filled the ditches during the rainy season.

Information Officer engineer Laxman Datta Joshi of Road Division Office, Mahendranagar said the road was blacktopped in the fiscal 2013- 14. "But the road has yet to be repaired since then," he said. He added that the road needed repair every year.

Engineer at Dhangadi sub-metropolis Dip Raj Bhatta claimed that Division Office, Mahendranagar had the responsibility of repairing the road. He said his office had written about the need to repair the road, but it was halted due to lack of money. He further added that his office had taken the responsibility for repairing the road after no one showed concern. He added that no one had taken the responsibility for repairing the road till date.

Mayor Nripa Bahadur Odd said the province government had paid no attention to repair the road despite frequent requests.

A version of this article appears in the print on July 23 2021, of The Himalayan Times.