Dr KC disagrees to revision, no talks held

Kathmandu, August 12

The meeting between the government talks team and representatives of Dr Govinda KC didn’t take place today as Dr KC did not agree with the revisions made to the Medical Education Bill.

Dr KC has been staging a fast-unto-death for the past 19 days demanding immediate passage of the Medical Education Bill as per the recommendation made by the Kedar Bhakta Mathema-led panel. He disagreed with points related to permission for opening medical colleges. “We had invited Dr KC’s representatives, but they didn’t come,” informed Education Secretary Shanta Bahadur Shrestha, who heads the government talks team.

“We are fighting for incorporating the Medical Education Bill as per the Mathema-led panel’s recommendations. The points in the education bill have been changed and we will not accept the changes. They are making the law for owners of private medical colleges. So, we don’t agree,” informed Dr Abhishek Raj Singh, a member of the talks team representing Dr KC.

To further strengthen the protest there will be programmes at Maitighar each day effective from August 13.

Meanwhile, Government Doctors Association of Nepal has decided to withdraw its protest programmes citing floods and landslides that have wreaked havoc across the country.

All medical services, except emergency, were shut down in government hospitals nationwide.

Nepal Medical Association, however, decided to shut down all medical services in government hospitals, private hospitals, medical colleges, nursing homes and clinics nationwide, except emergency services, to save Dr KC’s life. The association has also appealed to health centres and medical practitioners to take part in the protest programmes.

Dr KC’s health has been steadily deteriorating. He complained of persistent muscle cramps, light-headedness, body ache, dizziness and heaviness of the chest. His blood pressure and oxygen saturation are in the low range. His heart beat is 200 per minute. He requires continued oxygen supplement. Potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus levels are in lower range. His total WBC count is persistently low. The possibility of sudden cardiac event is rising and the threat of organ infection is significant. “There are risks of heart failure,” informed Dr Prerok Regmi, one of the doctors attending Dr KC.