Eight per cent locals illiterate in Lamjung

Lamjung, February 25

Lamjung was declared the 17th literate district on 16 July 2015. However, around eight per cent locals are still illiterate in the district.

According to Education Development and Coordination Unit Lamjung, 91.91 per cent people are literate in the district.

The survey conducted on people above the age of six years showed that 91 per cent population were literate.

The literacy rate of people between the ages of 13 and 60 years is 96.4 per cent, said the unit’s chief Narayan Prasad Regmi.

The data made public by the unit showed 83.84 per cent females and 94.45 per cent males were literate.

The government has launched a campaign to send children to school. Around 3.2 per cent children of basic level and 21 per cent children of secondary school are out of school in the district.

The district has 40 private and 348 community schools.

Out of the eight local levels, 20 children between the age of five to 20 and 12 children of unidentified age group are out of school in Sundarbazaar Municipality. Likewise, 22 children between the age of 5 and15 are out of school in Rainash Municipality.

Eight children between the age of 5 to 12; and 16 children above the age of 16 are out of school in Kwholasothar Rural Municipality.