As many as five of the twelve roads, that had been obstructed by the rain between October 17 to 20, are yet to be reopened.

Dumre-Besisahar road in Manang, Jalibagar and Narugauna routes along the Khodpe-Chainpur road in Bajhang, Dhangadhi-Sahajpur-Budar, Syaule and Satbanjh-Thaktoli-Darchula-Tinkar road in Darchula are yet to come into operation following the disruption.

Some roads were restored with provisional arrangements but they are yet to come into operation fully.

The roads that are partially opened are Aringalfedi route along the Rapti Highway, Kamerephant along the Bardibas-Sindhuli-Khurkot-Dhulikhel, various sections along the Dungreshwor-Saatkhamba-Dullu-Pipalbot-Khulal-Manma in Surkhet and the Nagma Jumla road.