DAILEKH: Stating that their kul devata (family god) was angry with their indulgence with the locals, Rautes, who have no jobs or home and who travels from place to place, are leaving Dailekh district and heading for another district.
Vagrant Ratute community lived in a settlement near the jungle of Paganath VDC in Dailekh district.
What prompted Rautes to leave Dailkeh was not known immediately but Raute Mukhiya Mahin Bahadur Shahi, said their mass participation in the recently concluded Dailekh Mahotsav, spelled a bad omen for them to inhabit the place, thus they are heading towards another location.
"I warned my people not to involve with the people of other community, but they didn't listen to me and as they ascended on to the stage and sang songs, our family god became furious, resulting in the death of a lactating mother," Shahi said.
According to Mukhiya, 17-year-old Kaimali Shahi, who was returning from the festival, had died of excessive bleeding.
He blames on Kaimali's husband Surendra, who he said was warned of not to venture out and befriend with the people of other community. "But he didn't heed to the warning," he said. "He sang song on the stage in front of all the audience, as a result, the god was angry and took his wife's life," he added.
"We made a blunder by participating in the festival,” said Mahin Bahadur, another Raute. "God must be angry with us. We must move,” he said, heading towards Jajarkot.