Gold smuggling prime accused, Ghale, denies involvement

BIRATNAGAR: Tsering Wangdel Ghale alias Doctor David in his 10-page-long statement to the Morang District Court, today, has denied allegations of being behind gold smuggling.

Moreover, Ghale said that he was entrapped out of his brotherly relations with the tainted RPP leader Bhujung Gurung.

In his statement, Ghale said that he handed Rs 10.16 million to Bhujung for investing in a hydropower project, however, the two fell out when Ghale sought repayment from Bhujung.

Moreover, the self-proclaimed real estate broker, Ghale denied recognising others accused of gold smuggling and carrier Sanam Shakya’s murder.

Following the statement recording and trial hearing on Ghale’s involvement in the crime, the District Court, Morang has sent him to judicial custody citing that he cannot be acquitted with the evidence against him at hand.

Upon completion of a trial hearing, Ghale was taken to District Prison, Morang.

Police had kept Ghale under its search list under suspicions that the accused had a part to play in robbing 33 kg gold which was smuggled into Nepal by Chudamani Upreti (Gorey) and his associates. Ghale is the brother-in-law of RPP leader Bhujung Gurung who earlier admitted investing in gold smuggling.