Government of Nepal has issued further guidelines to control the spread of the new wave of coronavirus infection in the country.

The government has decided to introduce a new set of safety protocols acting on the recommendation of the Covid-19 Crisis Management.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers at Baluwatar this morning decided to shut all schools in urban areas of the worst Covid-hit 14 districts. Online teaching-learning activities have been recommended in stead of physical presence at the educational institutions.

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Likewise, it has decided to enforce prohibitions on the operation of hotels and restaurants beyond 8:00 pm. As per the new rules, hotels and restaurants can only operate for 12 hours, from 8:00 am till 8:00 pm. However, online ordering and delivery of foods from such outlets will be allowed.

Furthermore, no more than 25 people would be allowed to gather at one place at one time. In the same manner, only 25 people can participate in ceremonies such as weddings, thread-ceremonies, etc.

As per the cabinet decision, all sporting events will have to be organised without audiences while only daily rituals would be allowed in places of worship.

Similarly, public vehicles will have to follow safety measures strictly and should not board anyone without a mask on. The vehicle operators, however, cam sell masks to passengers without one, for no more than NRs 10.

Businesses like health clubs, party venues, dance bars, night clubs, dohori restaurants, swimming clubs, futsal, gym, etc will have to close all operations till Baisakh end, as per the freshly introduced protocol.

Following the second wave of coronavirus in the country, the daily infection tally has risen over 1,000 as of Sunday.

Ministry of Health and Population on April 15 had classified 14 districts as Covid-19 hit areas including three districts of Kathmandu valley.