Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has expressed its concerns over the new wave of coronavirus in the country and its high infection rate among the younger population, especially among students.

Issuing a press statement on Friday, the Education Ministry said that a meeting was held in the presence of Education Minister Krishna Gopal Shrestha to discuss the advice received from relevant stakeholders on Chaitra 30.

The Ministry has issued guidelines for all educational institutions until further notice.

All educational institutions should follow necessary health and safety guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Population along with the guidelines issued by provincial and local governments. Similarly, the use of masks and sanitisers should be mandatory in the schools along with washing hands with soap and water.

In case people with symptoms of Covid-19 are identified, the symptomatic person should be kept in isolation immediately and contact the nearest health facility.

The educational institutions should make sure that the facilities are not overcrowded for which the institutions should coordinate with local levels for appropriate solutions including teaching in shifts.

Until the current Covid-19 situation persists, the institutions should refrain from organising meeting, programmes, annual programmes and follow the Framework of School Reopening 2077 issued by the ministry.

For the educational institutions that are situated in cities and districts designated as the high-risk zone of Covid-19 by the health ministry, institutions should follow the decision made by the related District Covid-19 Control and Management Centre (DCCMC) and should reopen after following the rules and regulation of Framework of School Reopening 2077.

Similarly, in case that an institution is completely or partially closed, they should continue teaching according to the Student Learning Facilitation Guidelines 2077.

Meanwhile, Kathmandu and Nepalgunj local governments have issued separate directives regarding the operation of schools given the rise in the new wave of infections.

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