Gynaecologist attends TB conference

Pokhara, December 9

Gynaecologist Dr Rajendra Chaudhary of Western Regional Hospital, Pokhara recently attended the world chest and tuberculosis experts’ conference following the health minister’s recommendation in Cape Town, Africa.

The conference was held from December 2 to 6 in South Africa. Chaudhary, despite being a gynaecologist and not an expert in tuberculosis, had attended the conference through the direct order of the minister.

The doctor has yet to return though the conference got over some days ago. Chaudhary had attended the conference twice before through direct order from the then minister.

Earlier, Chaudhary had visited France and Malaysia following the order.

Medical superintendent Shree Krishna Shrestha of the hospital said that he was compelled to approve Chaudhary’s visit as there was a direct order from the minster. “I could do nothing as the ministry had given the direct order,” he said.

Meanwhile, doctors said that the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has to take forward the process for action.

Earlier, Rajendra Mahato had recommended Chaudhary for participation in the tuberculosis conference.

The then Medical Superintendent Dr Buddhi Bahadur Thapa had also approved Chaudhary’s visit as per Mahato’s recommendation.

Health Minister Ram Janam Chaudhary had ordered the hospital to send Chaudhary to the conference through the director of National Tuberculosis Control Centre Dr Bikas Lamichhane.