Health Minister assures to purchase medicines within a month

CHITWAN: Minister for Health and Population Ram Janam Chaudhary said that the medicines would be purchased within a month to avert the current crisis of drugs.

Talking to journalists in Bharatpur today, he said that the current stock of medicines would somehow manage the drugs required for 40 days and there will be shortage of life-saving medicines if the crisis goes longer.

Purchasing medicines through the existing procurement process is not possible, he said, adding that a fast-track procurement process has been almost finalised.

The tender to this effect will be solicited within a couple of days, he said, adding emphasis will be placed on Nepali companies with trade mark.

The medicine supply will be made smooth even with the use of air route, Minister Chaudhary said.

Some life-saving drugs which are not manufactured in Nepal would be brought from outside via air route, he said, adding that the purchase of the medicines will be channelised through fast-track process.