Idea of making petrol from plastic fails to get buyers

Kathmandu, November 23

Nepal Academy of Science and Technology has been trying to sell the idea to the local levels, especially the metropolises and municipalities, that petrol can be extracted from polythene for the last three years, but the local levels seem least interested.

NAST has been holding workshops to make the local governments throughout the country aware that petrol can be extracted from plastic. Although most of the local levels initially showed interest, they have not done anything towards this end so far, said Chief of the Faculty of Technology at NAST Rabindra Prasad Dhakal.

According to him, the equipment required for extracting petrol from polythene bags can be purchased for around Rs 20 to 30 million. This amount is less than what Kathmandu Metropolitan City spends on solid waste management.

Dhakal suggested that two or three municipalities could also jointly invest in setting up plants for extracting petrol from polythene if one municipality was unable to afford it. He added that NAST had even been discussing investment modality with local bodies.