With the onset of dry and windy season, incidents of wildfire have increased in the surrounding areas of Sarlahi district.

According to locals, multiple incidents of forest fires have been reported in Chure area, Sagarnath Forest Development Project, Phooljor Baba Partnership Forest, and other community forests of the district for the past few days. However, relevant authorities are yet to take necessary action to douse the fire that have increased the risk in dozens of human settlements near the forest areas.

Wildfire occurs in the Chure region every year during this time of the year, claimed Chandra Bahadur Tamang of Lalbandi Municipality-14 while adding that although locals have been dousing fires near their settlements, no one has shown any interest to put out fire engulfing jungles.

Forest and wildlife experts have expressed concern over the loss of wildlife as well as serious impact on the environment caused by the wildfires.

It has not been possible for the forest employees alone to put out the fires, claimed Madhav Prasad Dev, Chief at the Division Forest Office, Sarlahi.