A forest fire that erupted in Sanuwa Suknai Community Forest situated at Triyuga Municipality-2, has been raging on since Monday.

Heavy breeze and wind that are characteristic of the ongoing season have acted as catalysts in spreading fire across the forest. The phenomenon now poses a threat to people living near the area.

One house was engulfed by the fire on Friday morning at 3 causing a loss of at least 1.3 millions. The fire was contained after two hours with the help of Police and local residents.

Local community forest consumers and forest security guards have been continuously trying to douse the fire, however, to no avail.

Around 300 people including Nepal Army and Nepal Police personnel, community forest employees and consumers were deployed on Wednesday to protect the village and its residents, informed the Information Officer District Forest Office Udaypur, Jageshwor Shah.

He added that fire has spread to approximately 150 hectares of the forest area of Chure region surrounding Sanuwa.

Intense breeze in the months of January-February and February-March triggers wildfire annually in Udaypur, causing millions of losses.

It has been reported that cattle grazers and illegal wood smugglers are among the major reasons for causing fire in the area. Another reason is electric short circuit.

It is to be noted that there have been many instances of fire this year; according to the Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Portal, wherein as many as 110 fire incidents were registered in the last seven days only.