Wildfire in the national forest area along the East-West Highway in Rautahat district has destroyed trees and plants, which has adversely affected the ecosystem.

There have been incidents of forest fire in areas surrounding the Division Forest Office (DFO) of Rautahat, Gaidatar hilly area, Dhansar, Chandrapur, Rangapur Partnership Forest Area, among other places.

The fire has destroyed new saplings growing on hundreds of hectares of land, despite which, attention of the concerned authorities has not be drawn to take the required actions.

The huge number of these fire incidents are causing extensive pollution and health hazards.

Locals are demanding that the Division Forest Office take responsibility to conduct activities such as fire control, trainings to locals residing near forest area regarding containing forest fires, conducting awareness programmes, informing people about forest fires and its effects through social networks, among others.

On the recent incident, DFO Rautahat said that heavy breeze and wind are obstructing the process of containing the fire. It also shared that the incidents of forest fire are more frequent this year as compared to previous years.