Locals crossing a snow-covered road at Pokharelekh in Bajura, on Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Photo: THT
Bajura, February 27 Teaching-learning activities have been badly affected in almost all schools due to continuous snowfall followed by rain in Bajura since a month. Education Development and Coordination Unit acting Chief Ramesh Bahadur Janal, said students could not attend schools due to excessive cold. “Daily activities in the schools have been badly affected,” he said. “The classes have not come into operation in full swing even though the schools are open,” he added. There are 186 basic schools, 62 secondary schools, 223 child development centres and 30 private schools in Bajura. Some of the schools in Himali areas had given holidays from December 30 to January 29. Himali Basic School teacher Anil Kumal, said teaching-learning activities had yet to resume owing to continuous snowfall in the area. “We had opened the school from January 29, but very few students attended due to excessive cold,” he said. There are 24 schools in Himali Rural Municipality. Chairman of the rural municipality Govinda Bahadur Malla, said it was very difficult to operate schools due to the low number of students. Head teacher Hasta Bahadur Dhami of Saraswati Basic Level School at Badimalika Municipality said studies had been badly affected.