Information centre set up in Bajura village

Bajura, February 11

The remote Toli VDC in Bajura recently acquired a modern information centre, thanks to the initiatives of local youths.

Toli Dewal Youth Information Centre was set up at Dewaldanda Higher Secondary School to facilitate locals’ access to information and technology.

A local Parbati Budha said, “The centre has been very useful for everyone here, especially youths who can now explore the world through books and internet.”

According to her, the centre has also been instrumental in holding discussions and disseminating information and awareness among locals regarding the ills of chhaupadi and other superstitions prevailing in the society.

The centre was set up with the support of Save the Children and PeaceWin Bajura. “We extended our support to the centre to help youths to broaden their horizons and find job opportunities through the internet,” said PeaceWin Bajura Programme Officer Dharma Rokaya.

District Education Officer Nagendra Prasad Regmi of Bajura said the centre benefited schoolchildren.

On his part, Save the Children Bajura Programme Coordinator Tika BK said his organisation is ready to extend help for setting up such centres in other VDCs as well.