Renowned climber Jangbu Sherpa has stood atop Mt Everest 17th time this spring season along with the Bahrain Everest team, on Tuesday, May 11.

He had left Kathmandu on April 4 along with Bahrain Prince's team for the Everest Base Camp, but got sick at the camp and returned to Kathmandu on April 20 by helicopter. He had tested positive for Covid-19, a report stated.

Sherpa was treated at the hospital for six days following the positive report and remained in home isolation for another six days.

As soon as he recovered, he went back to Everest Base Camp, on May 2, and caught up with the Bahrain team two days later. He scaled the peak on May 11 with the team.

Sherpa shares, "It was very risky to climb immediately after recovering but I gathered all the courage and went." He added that he faced no problem in the ascent.

Sending out a message to all Covid-19 patients, he said that it is very important to have courage to fight Covid-19, and requests all to strengthen their spirit.

Sherpa had set a world record by standing atop Everest's peak without clothes for 4 minutes 40 seconds in 2006 AD.

He climbed Everest 16 times between 2003 and 2019, the recent ascent being his 17th time.