Khadichaur-Charikot road closed for three consecutive days

Dolakha, July 27

Khadichaur-Charikot road section along the Araniko Highway in Dolakha district will remain closed for the next three days starting today.

Road Division Office Dolakha closed the road section for its upgradation from Saturday to Monday.

Road Division Office Chief Dharmendra Jha said the road was closed for repair and upgradation as it was damaged by monsoon floods making, vehicular movement difficult.

“We had to shut the road as floods triggered by incessant rainfall damaged it disrupting vehicular movement,” Jha clarified.

Gauri Parbati Construction Company has been awarded the contract to upgrade the road.

Jha said the Road Division Office had shut the road for three days as per the request of the contractor company responsible for upgradation work.

According to Jha, four bulldozers, one excavator, six-tippers and one loader have been used for road upgradation work.

Meanwhile, businessmen at the district headquarters, Charikot have hiked price of daily essentials including food items and fruits, citing closure of the road stretch.

There is also been a shortage of medicines in Charikot.