• A receipt of Rs 73,555 was made but they took Rs 85,000

Biratnagar, September 9

Mayor Bhim Parajuli and Ward Chair Madhu Babu Tiwari caught non-gazetted second class officer of the Department of Finance Management Tilak Mani Pokhrel of Biratnagar Metropolis, Morang red-handed with bribe money today.

Parajuli said that he had also taken office attendant of the finance depatment Budha Narayan Sardar under control. He said that Pokharel was taking bribe from the service seekers who reached the office to pay house and land taxes. Parajuli added that Pokhrel and Sardar were handed over to the regional office of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority in Itahari for further action.

A local at Biratnagar Mina Shakya said that the staffers at the office asked for Rs one lakh when she reached the office for house completion certificate. “Later, the staffers urged her to pay Rs 85,000 and to settle the remaining amount the next time,” she said. Mina had to pay Rs 48,555 as a property tax and Rs 25,000 as house tax to the metropolis. Mina said that she had informed Ward Chair Tiwari after the staffers asked for more money. Tiwari reached the office with Mina after taking down the number of the notes.

Ward Chair Tiwari informed Mayor Parajuli after Pokhrel made the receipt bill of Rs 73,555 but took Rs 85,000 from Mina. Parajuli immediately caught Pokhrel and Sardar and called the police along with mediapersons. Meanwhile, Pokhrel said that it was a conspiracy to defame him.