Myagdi folks run unique radio

MYAGDI: Locals of Myagdi’s Histan Aaula Village Development Committee have started a unique local radio service. The radio service named “Aaula Mike Transmission” is being run by a local Nawajyoti Youth Club since February 22.

President of the club, Dil Prasad Phagami, said the radio aired news related to assemblies, trainings and cultural events in the village. It also informs the villagers about guests coming into the village. “We started the radio to keep the villagers abreast of information as well as give them a feel of 21st century developments,” Phagami said.

Buddhimaya Phagami, a woman volunteer, informed that the radio airs news from 6:00 to 6:30 every morning and from 6:30 to 7:00 every evening to keep villagers up to date. She said some 600 villagers of Histan Aaula and Ramche VDCs have directly benefitted through the radio, adding, “Villagers make their daily work schedules only after carefully listening to the radio.” “The club, which has invested for the enterprise, has also mobilised two people to collect the news from all over the village,” Phagami said.