Poll officials to begin process for KMC, Lalitpur shortly


The local elections were conducted successfully, barring a few untoward incidents, all across the country on May 13.

Following the same, poll officials have begun counting of votes of several local levels.

While the process began as early as Friday night for a few local levels, most will start the vote count today. The results for a couple of municipalities that went in for early counts, have even been already announced.

In the same, the counting of votes for Kathmandu and Lalitpur metropolises will begin shortly after a round of meeting between representatives of all the parties.

Similarly, officials will begin the counting process soon in Bharatpur Metropolitan - perhaps the most in-news local level, as CPN-Maoist Centre's candiate Renu Dahal, backed by the ruling alliance, is contending for a second term, while UML is making it a war of prestige.

According to the Election Commission's early estimates, the voter turnout in the Friday held polls across the country was around 64 percent, as against higher percentage of expected turnout.

Likewise, the poll body said that the turnout in Kathmandu was underwhelming as only around 52 per cent of voters cast their ballots as against the expected 70 per cent.

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