NMA condemns vandalism in Chitwan Medical College

Kathmandu, October 21

Nepal Medical Association issued a press release today condemning vandalism in Chitwan Medical College.

The statement says NMA is shocked by acts of violence in Chitwan Medical College. NMA condemns the act of violence in the hospital. The death that occurred during medical treatment led to vandalism of the hospital by people with criminal mindset. This has disturbed the atmosphere wherein medical treatment can be delivered in a peaceful environment.

The association has said, “There is no environment for health practitioners and doctors to provide health service in such an environment and they would not be responsible for the situation that could arise later.”

NMA has asked all the doctors in Chitwan to oppose such criminal activities and asked the Nepal Medical Association Chitwan chapter to strengthen its protest programme.

The association has also demanded immediate arrest of and punishment for people involved in the heinous crime. If the demands are not met, nationwide protest will be launched soon across the country, the association warned.

Relatives and family members resorted to vandalism inside Chitwan Medical College after a woman died while undergoing a minor nose surgery at the hospital yesterday. Agitating kin had picketed the hospital and staged demonstration throughout the day.

Police had to use force and fire tear gas to contain the mob after it turned violent.