Shashanka Koirala, General Secretary of the main opposition Nepali Congress, has said the party should form a new government together with Dahal-Nepal faction of ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP).

Speaking at a press meet organised in Bharatpur, Chitwan today, Koirala said that Nepali Congress should join the Dahal-Nepal group to split the NCP. NC should be part of the new government to ensure division in the ruling party, he said, adding that this was his personal opinion.

Koirala, however, noted that there would be no significance in joining the government if NCP split before that.

He remarked, with the beginning of the new session of House of Representatives, the foremost task would be to remove the Prime Minister and form a new government.

Koirala, during the programme, claimed that a no-trust motion will be registered in the parliament by either the Dahal-Nepal faction or Nepali Congress in order to remove the PM.