No relief for kin of innocent Doti conflict victims

Dipayal, May 7:

The families of innocent persons killed by the state during the Maoist insurgency in Doti district are yet to get any compensation.

The district administration does not even have the exact record of those killed during the conflict. Among the 52 people who lost their lives during the insurgency in Doti, 18 killed by the security forces were innocent, according to rights groups.

The families of these persons are running from pillar to post seeking the help of the administration and political parties for compensation.

Karna Bahadur Chand, whose father was killed seven years ago, said, “Security

personnel killed my father seven years ago while he was harvesting paddy in the field. Instead of providing compensation, they pinned a terrorist tag on him.” Chand approached the district administration office five times only to be told that there was no record of his father’s death at the hands of security personnel.

Chand said along with his father, four other innocent farmers were also shot dead at Cheda of Barchhen in Doti. None of the five families, living on a forest fringe ever since

then, has got compensation. Instead, security personnel from Dipayal shot dead one of the slain farmers’ wife who was drying grain in the sun and injured her two-and-a-half-year-old two years later.

Five years ago, security personnel from Achham shot dead three of a family and five others at Lodeghat of Doti who were returning home with paddy bundles and dumped their bodies in Seti River. Kin of these slain persons have also not got any compensation. A survivor of this incident, Balegami, said, “Security forces killed all but me of my family. I was left with a shattered arm, but no one helped. The bullet is yet to be removed from my arm.”

In BP Nagar of Doti, Khadak Bohora’s family remains a shattered lot. Security forces had shot dead Bohora suspecting that the banana he was holding in his hand was a bomb.

The family of a student killed by security forces at Mudbhara of Doti is also yet to get any relief.

Meanwhile, internally displaced people during the conflict are hanging in limbo. Doti acting chief district officer Ramesh Gautam said 215 persons have been registered as internally displaced. Of these, 71 have been placed on the priority list while 60 others have already been provided with compensation. The Peace and Reconstruction Ministry had allotted Rs 25 lakh as relief for the displaced, said Gautam.

Newly elected CA member from the CPN-Maoist Khem Bam said relief was not reaching those who deserved it

and added that many persons had falsely presented themselves as displaced to glean monetary benefit.