Olangchungola border checkpoint of Taplejung district has remained closed for the past 16 months. It was closed in November 2020.

China had banned all kinds of movement at the border checkpoint citing the risk of coronavirus spread.

Ward Chair of Phaktanglung Rural Municipality Chhetan Sherpa said that Reu administration of Tibet on 30 January 2020 had informed that the Nepali side should not to allow any kind of cross border movement through the checkpoint for some time. The border checkpoint was closed after Reu administration requested a halt to the movement soon after Chinese workers who were in Nepal for road construction, returned home. Locals of Yanga, Thudam, Olangchungola and Tokpegala depend on the Chinese market for daily essentials during the rainy season. The locals cannot reach Phungling due to flood and landslide in the rainy season.

Eight per cent locals of Olangchungola, Yanga and Ghunsa areas of Phaktanglung RM depend on the Chinese market, said Sherpa.

A version of this article appears in the print on March 17, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.