The Dahal-Nepal faction of Nepal Communist Party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal today called Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli a villain of his own making.

Addressing a mass meeting in Dhangadi, Dahal accused Oli of being a villain to the country and endangering the political gains achieved through long political struggles.

"Oli does not have the right to dissolve the Parliament.

The Cabinet-led by Oli has dissolved, but the Parliament is alive," Dahal added.

Dahal appreciated the sacrifices made by people from Sudurpaschim Province for political change in the country.

"People from Sudurpaschim are great. They will not bow to any force," he stated.

He argued that the presence of people's mass at the meeting had demolished Oli's arrogance and ego.

"I have worked closely with Madhav Kumar Nepal for 40 years and my relationship with him has reached a new height," Dahal added.

He recalled that he had approached Prime Minister Oli for unification of the two communist parties and Oli had rejected his proposal until he was assured the post of prime minister.

"Oli agreed to party unity only after I agreed to make him prime minister," Dahal recounted.

At the programme, Nepal Communist Party (Dahal-Nepal faction) Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal said Oli would never mend his ways. He warned that the fall of Oli and his henchmen was inevitable. "Oli is Duryodhan and Duroydhan is the cause of Kaurab's destruction. Oli's arrogance will lead to his and his aides' fall and destruction," Nepal added.

Nepal clarified that their agitation was not to unseat Oli from the prime minister's chair. "Our agitation is aimed against Oli's unconstitutional and undemocratic character,"

Nepal stated. He accused Oli of failing to run the party.

Nepal slammed Oli's move of appointing the party's central members and asked them to cover up their shame with masks.

NCP Standing Committee member and Sudurpaschim Province in-charge Bhim Rawal said that Oli had breached the constitution he had signed.

He accused Oli of finishing off the Nepal Communist Party. "Oli always ran away from the central committee, standing committee and secretariat meetings. So, he is a number one escapist," Rawal added. He accused Oli of shielding Yeti and Omni groups and promoting corruption in the country.