Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Dahal-Nepal faction Co-chairperson Madhav Kumar Nepal today said that Oli would never mend his ways and stressed the need to intensify street protests to unseat him from power.

Speaking at a programme held by his faction of the party in Dhankuta, Nepal said he had put in efforts to bring about positive changes in Oli, but failed. He slammed Oli and argued Oli was an arrogant and individualistic person who never worked for the well-being of the party but for his faction alone. "We are forced to envision the party without Oli due to his arrogance and factional inclination," he added.

Nepal likened Oli to Mahabharat's Duryodhan and said Oli had demonic character.

Saying Nepali Congress, Janata Samajwadi Party-Nepal and Civil Society were agitating against Oli and his unconstitutional move dissolving the Parliament, Nepal expressed confidence that Oli's autocracy would collapse sooner than later.

Nepal flayed Oli saying he was against all the historic struggles and movements that helped the country achieve democracy, federalism and republicanism. He accused Oli of squandering time and money. Nepal charged Oli had nothing but made settings to seize power.

He said they would not be scared of Oli's settings at constitutional bodies such as Supreme Court, National Investigation Department, Money Laundering Department and Human Rights Commission.

He said Oli and his henchmen had tried to scare them saying that party central committee member Ram Kumari Jhankri would be jailed for seven years. "Oli wanted to scare us by keeping Jhankri behind bars. But, the decision to arrest her did not last even for a day due to protests across the country."

At the event, NCP Standing Committee member Barshaman Pun said Oli breached the charter and nationwide protest was required to bring the country back on track.

A version of this article appears in the print on February 14, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.