Nepal | April 08, 2020

Overcrowding increases security threat at Banke jail

Rastriya Samachar Samiti

NEPALGUNJ: Overcrowding has posed an increasing security threat at Nepalgunj-based Banke district jail.

With the rise in the number of inmates, the volume of wastes emanating from the prison has also increased and its management has become a tough task.

As a result, the prison premises is littered with unmanaged waste and garbage putting the health of inmates at risk.

Jailor Shyam Lal Lamichhane said the jail had the capacity for 300 inmates but now it was accommodating 658 inmates, which is more than double its capacity. Jail security challenges have also increased with the increasing number of prisoners and poor condition of the prison building. Moreover, the prison is located in a densely populated area, according to prison administration.

A total of 50 security personnel from Nepal Police and Armed Police Force have been deployed for prison security which is inadequate to ensure safety and security. “Compulsion to accommodate inmates more than the prison capacity, lack of modern security arrangements and location of the prison have added security threats at the jail,” said jailer Lamichhane.

However, a regional jail with the capacity of 3,000 inmates is under construction at Naubasta. Lamichhane added that the prison would be relocated once the new prison building was constructed.


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