Pokhara-based seven rotary clubs, in coordination with Gandaki Auto Mechanical Workshop, have established an oxygen bank in Pokhara to cope with potential shortage of the life-saving gas, amidst the rising cases of Covid-19.

Campaign coordinator Minu Kunwar shared that around 2,000 oxygen cylinders will be sent to oxygen gas industries to be refilled before supplying them to hospitals.

Campaign dissemination coordinator Arjun Khanal has urged everyone not to store oxygen cylinders unnecessarily. Anyone possessing the cylinders has been requested to hand them over to the bank for the time being so that they can be used for those who need it the most.

"Our efforts are towards addressing the potential crisis of oxygen when the entire country is grappling with the soaring cases of coronavirus infection as we want no patient to die in lack of the gas," he said.

There is a high demand for oxygen in Pokhara that serves as the capital of Gandaki Province. Though the city has oxygen plant, shortage of cylinders has hampered smooth supply of the gas to hospitals. Local governments, people's representatives, and police are searching for cylinders.