Farmers in Madhopur of Rautahat staged a demonstration today following revelation that some private outlet was profiteering by selling government-subsidised fertiliser.

This is the time when farmers need fertiliser for their wheat crops to enhance yield, but as they are reeling under shortage of the production-enhancing commodity, it has came to light that a cooperative that had received government-subsidised fertilizer to distribute among farmers has sold it to some private outlet in return for commission.

According to farmers, Ayush Agriculture Cooperatives' operator Dhirendra Bhagat had sold the subsidised fertilizer sent to it to a private firm Shyam Seed Store.

The shenanigan was revealed after a farmer, a couple of days ago, bought a bag of DAP from the store for 3,300 rupees- Rs900 extra than what it would cost. Further, according to farmers, some 62 bags of urea and DAP with the name of Agriculture Inputs Corporation emblazoned on them were found in the godown of the store owned by Shyam Sah.

Hundreds of irate farmers demonstrated in front of the cooperative today seeking action against the cooperative operator for black-marketing in fertiliser. Besides, farmers have also sought the revocation of the cooperative's licence and demanded that the government ensure smooth supply of fertiliser.

Chief District Officer Krishna Bahadur Shahi pledged action against the cooperative's officials for cheating farmers and selling the much-needed commodity to some private firm for extra money. "He'll be prosecuted under black-marketing act if found guilty," said the CDO.

A version of this article appears in the print on December 10, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.