Quarries pose risk to settlements

Hetauda, February 9

After the central government gave permission for the excavation of limestone at three places of Bhimphedi Rural Municipality, the locals here are worried about the risk the quarry would pose to their settlement.

People’s representatives here have expressed concern about the quarries that would risk the Bhimphedi settlement. Hetauda Cement Factory, Shalimar Cement Factory, Riddhisiddhi Cement Factory and Shivam Cement Factory and others were given licence for the excavation of limestone required for cement production. Locals have drawn the attention of Province 3 Chief Minister Dormani Poudel towards the issue and requested him to scrap the licence awarded to the cement factories.

Deputy chair of Bhimphedi Rural Municipality Parbati Rana said limestone excavation should not be allowed in the area. However, Shalimar Cement Factory is operating the quarry at ward No 2, while Riddhisiddhi Cement Factory is running quarry at ward No 3 and Shivam Cement at ward No 5.

Jivan Lama, a local, added that limestone excavation was posing high risks to the settlements in several wards of Bhimphedi Rural Municipality.