Rare rhododendron variety 'Loderi' discovered in Myagdi forests

GALESHWOR: Loderi, a rare variety of rhododendron flower has been found growing in the forests of Narchyang area in Annapurna Rural Municipality-4 in northern Myagdi district

According to Annapurna-4 ward chair Chandra Prasad Phagami this variety of rhododendron, which is considered very rare in the world, has been found in the forests at Jagarghari, Khaniban and Humkala along the Nilgiri-Annapurna base camp route.

The ward chair said that the loderi was discovered while an ecological team from the Mistri Khola Hydropower Project were conducting research in the forest. Ecologists Kul Prasad Limbu and Kamal Maden confirmed that it was the rare variety of rhododendron.

Moreover, the variety was discovered in Humkala forest, said Shiva Purja, a member of the project’s ecological team. Purja said the loderi grows at an altitude of above 4,000 metres from the sea level.

According to him, this flower had not been found even in the forests in the alpine region of Mustang and Manang, but in the forest at Narchyang which is comparatively at the lower altitude. This has baffled even the ecologists, he expressed his pleasure.

The loderi rhododendron plant grows up to the height of around five centimetres. The flower is a mixture of yellow and pink and is very small in size.

Ward chair Phagami said his office would initiate for the conservation of this rare species of rhododendron.