Reconstruction technicians irresponsible, say local level chiefs

Kavre, November 14

Chiefs of rural municipalities and municipalities in Kavre complained that almost all reconstruction works of earthquake-damaged houses were in limbo as technicians had not reach their duty stations and were out of contact.

Panauti Municipality Mayor Bhim Neupane said at a programme organised by Sambad Samuha, in Banepa, Kavre  today said his office did not know whether the technicians had reached their duty stations. “The technicians have not been responsible towards the assigned duty,” he added.

Similarly, Banepa Municipality Mayor Laxmi Narsingh Bade said the technicians deployed for reconstruction work had not performed their job well. “Reconstruction could not move ahead due to lack of coordination with the local levels,” he added. Bade asked where the technicians were directed from?

Mayor Tek Bahadur Waiba of Mandandeupur Municipality said technicians deployed in the field for reconstruction had returned to their homes showing family problems.

Similarly, Mayor Tanka Prasad Sharma of Namobuddha Municipality said that one technician had missed 150 forms filled by quake victims for grant instalment. “They are irresponsible towards their works,” he added.

At the programme, Chauri Deurali Rural Municipality Chair Dinnath Gautam said technicians should be disciplined. He said not a single technician was present in the rural municipality. “Reconstruction of the houses had been left in the lurch due to lack of technicians at the local level,” he added.

Kanchhalal Jimba, chairman of Mahabharat Rural Municipality, said the problems occurred due to the lack of coordination with the local levels. “The technicians returned to their houses after signing attendance for a month,” he said.

Similarly, Khanikhola Rural Municipality Chairman Krishna Bahadur Khula said technicians were not wiling to go to the rural municipality.

Meanwhile, Chief at National Reconstruction Authority District Project Implementation Unit and Urban Development and Building Division Mahalaxmi Joshi said it was 100 per cent true that technicians had not stayed in the field. She said some technicians returned showing their family problems and their studies. Joshi informed that 120 engineers, 59 sub-engineers and 59 assistants had been deployed in the 13 local levels of Kavre.

Chief at National Reconstruction Authority District Project Implementation Unit Grant Management and Local Infrastructure Loknath Regmi said conducive environment had to be created to make all the technicians stay at their duty stations.