Resham Chaudhary falls ill on 6th day of hunger strike

DHANGADHI: Alleged conspirator of Tikapur carnage and elected MP from Kailali Constituency 1, Resham Chaudhary has faced health issues on the 6th day of his ongoing hunger strike inside District Prison, Kailali.

According to Assistant Jailer Bhakta Bahadur Bista, prison administration took Chaudhary to Seti Zonal Hospital on Friday afternoon; nonetheless, Chaudhary denied treatment even after doctors insisted on IV therapy through saline solution.

“Chaudhary is dealing with low blood pressure as he has not eaten since the last six days,” Bista said. “We took him to the hospital but he refused to take saline solution.”

Moreover, Chaudhary has demanded to be treated inside the prison.

According to the prison administration, other five inmates supporting Chaudhary in his fast-onto-death protest were also taken to the hospital for checkup after they faced similar health issues.

Earlier, Chaudhary and his 23 aides in judicial custody at District Prison, Kailali had begun a hunger strike demanding withdrawal of charges against them, handover of victory certificate to the elected Member of Parliament Chaudhary, along with administration of oath of office and secrecy to him.

Moreover, the alleged carnage conspirator and others involved in the incident have demanded to demarcate the territory where majority of Tharu individuals reside as Tharuhat Province.

One minor along with eight security personnel lost their lives in the Tikapur incident of August 2015 led by Tharuhat Struggle Committee under Resham Chaudhary. Chaudhary along with 56 other individuals have been slammed charges of murder, attempt to murder, and robbery. Out of the 56 accused, 24 individuals including Chaudhary are currently under judicial custody at Kailali District prison while the others are on the run.

Interestingly, Resham Chaudhary was elected as a House of Representatives member from Kailali Constituency 1 while he was hiding from the police.