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RPP-Nepal announces unification bid with RPP fails

Accuses RPP Chairman of being influenced by

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Kamal Thapa-RPP-Nepal-press conference

Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal Chairman Kamal Thapa (right) at a press conference organised in Kathmandu on Tuesday, August 9, 2016. Photo Courtesy: Mohan Shrestha/Twitter

KATHMANDU: Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal has announced that the intended unification between RPP-Nepal and Rastriya Prajatantra Party has been aborted.

In a press conference in Kathmandu on Tuesday afternoon, RPP-Nepal’s Chairman Kamal Thapa held RPP Chairman Pahsupati Shamsher Rana responsible for the failure of unification bid. He accused Rana of dishonesty and being influenced by foreign power centre to thwart the unification of two parties.

“With sadness, I have to say the unification process with Rastriya Prajantatra Party has failed,” Thapa said, asking his party cadres to keep high moral though the chapter of unification was closed for now.

The two parties were scheduled to merge today. RPP Chairman Pashupati Shamsher Rana, however, issued a statement yesterday, saying the unification would not happen unless the interim statute of unified party was amended.

The RPP-Nepal had already announced to stay in the opposition in the Parliament, while the RPP sent two of its lawmakers in the Cabinet yesterday.

“For me, the party unification was more important than the (interim) statute. I even had said I was ready to sign on the RPP’s statute,” RPP-Nepal’s Chairman Kamal Thapa said in the press conference, claiming that the interim statute was just an excuse for the RPP leadership to thwart the unification.

According to him, it was a matter of surprise that the RPP leadership even did not exhibit courtesy, decorum and political character to consult with RPP-Nepal while unilaterally withholding the unification process.


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