The number of patients suffering from seasonal flu has increased in the health facilities of Bajura, of late.

According to Chief of Bajura District Hospital Dr Prakash Raj Josi, seasonal flu has mostly affected children below five years of age. Health workers said the infection rate had been increasing daily among children. He said four children in critical condition were referred to other health facilities as treatment was not possible at the hospital. The COVID Delta Virus was confirmed in one child.

More than 15 to 20 children suffering from seasonal flu reach Bajura District Hospital for treatment on a daily basis.

Similarly, children are also suffering from viral fever in Khaptad Chhededaha Rural Municipality.

Health Coordinator Ramesh Oli said most of the children were suffering from viral fever and the number of such patients had also increased in Kolti Primary Health Centre. More than 10 children are on oxygen support at Bajura District Hospital.

The patients are suffering from high fever (105 degrees Fahrenheit). Most of them have also been diagnosed with pneumonia. Staff nurse at the district hospital, Nisha Rokaya, said most of the patients brought to the hospital required oxygen support.

Patients are not only seeking treatment at the government hospital, but also at private health facilities. A private medical operator in Martadi, Ram Chandra Yadav, said more than 40 to 50 seasonal flu patients were reaching the health facility daily. Children below ten years of age have been infected the most. According to the district hospital, critical infection has been seen among kids for the last four years.

Dr Josi said if the cases continued to surge, the situation might get out of control very soon.

Hundreds of children were admitted to the hospital for treatment within a single month. He said the locals were urged to take the children to nearby hospitals as soon as possible if they had symptoms of viral fever.

The infection has spread in Bajura from July-end. Health workers said all the symptoms were similar to COVID-19 even though the test results were negative.

Health workers advised the people to take patients to hospital even if they had mild symptoms and to eat healthy and hygienic food. Health workers said parents and guardians had to be more responsible. In the wake of increasing infection in Bajura, the district administration has tightened the lockdown from today.

A version of this article appears in the print on August 18 2021, of The Himalayan Times.