The sixth municipal assembly meeting of Garuda Municipality concluded in Rautahat today amidst a protest by majority of members, including the deputy mayor.

After majority of members, including Deputy Mayor Rangila Devi Jayaswal protested the municipal assembly, acting chief administrative officer Mohammad Mustak Alam had issued a notice putting off the assembly meeting. However, Mayor Innu Ray Yadav issued another notice and organised the municipal assembly meeting.

Out of 46 members of the municipal assembly's executive, twenty-six had boycotted the meeting. Ward No 4 Chair Chun Chun Prasad Sah accused the mayor's son Anil Yadav of forcefully conducting the municipal assembly meeting. Deputy Mayor Rangila termed the municipal assembly meeting unlawful and said it was not acceptable to majority of the members.

The deputy mayor and members close to her have written to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration no to validate the municipal assembly.

Locals accuse the mayor's son Anil Yadav of running the municipality.

Meanwhile, Anil Yadav said that the municipal assembly meeting was lawful and added that his father had handed him the responsibility over to him and he had acted with full responsibility to make the assembly meeting a success.

A version of this article appears in the print on October 4, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.