Gorkha, May 5

Special security arrangements are set to be made at sensitive polling stations of Gorkha district for the forthcoming May 14 elections.

The security committee of Gorkha has identified 68 polling stations across the district as highly sensitive areas. The areas have been categorised on the basis of previous elections as clashes between rival contenders and other criminal activities had affected the earlier voting process, said Superintendent of P Birendra Thapa.

As part of the arrangements, heavy number of security personnel from Nepali Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police and temporary police will be deployed at highly sensitive voting centres. A total of 1,426 temporary police personnel will be mobilised while additional 627 police personnel, including 68 inspectors have reached Gorkha, said Thapa.

The polling stations identified as highly sensitive include Ram Shah Secondary School, Rajdevi Primary School and Mahalaxmi Primary School in Gorkha Municipality, 23 polling stations in Palungtar Municipality, 15 in Siranchowk Rural Municipality, seven polling stations in Gandaki Rural Municipality, three in Sulikot Rural Municipality, five in Ajirkot Rural Municipality and five in Sahid Lakhan Rural Municipality.

The district has a total of 106,943 voters from two municipalities and nine rural municipalities.