Status of rescued women unknown

Kathmandu July 21

The Embassy of Nepal in South Africa, which also looks after Kenya, is monitoring the situation of 21 young Nepali women who were rescued from two clubs in Nairobi by police on Thursday night.

As per the Kenyan immigration rules, the girls face deportation,  but the government could not complete  process today due  public holiday in the African nation,  according to sources at Nepal’s embassy in South Africa.

“We are aware that 21 Nepali young women were rescued in Kenya. We are trying to find out their details through our consulate general in Kenya,” Nepali Ambassador to South Africa Amrit Bahadur Raisaid.He said the embassy was collecting information about the rescued girls, but he did divulge anything about their condition. They reached Kenya and got on arrival visa. The women had gone to the African nation via India and Bangladesh.

According to news portal, the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit and Transnational Organised Crime Unit detectives further apprehended three persons for various offences under the Counter-Trafficking in Persons Act.

“Kenya is a source of human trafficking, transit and destination country for men and women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. Girls and boys are also exploited in prostitution in Kenya, with their exploitation often facilitated by players in the prostitution business,” the news portal said.

High Commissioner to Kenya Phoebe Otara told the press that 15 to 19 years old persons arrived through Rwakaka, Buka, Malaba and Busia borders. According to Otara, the girls are kept at an unspecified location in Limuru before later being taken to the airport to be shipped off to various destinations.

“We have intelligence that these girls are kept somewhere in Limuru before they are transported to the JKIA for various destinations. Those who cannot secure visas are dumped at the airport and later arrested and kept in cells,” the news portal quoted Otara as saying.