Mani Guyal and her 10-year-old daughter Aakriti of Badimalika Municipality-1 in Bajura District, who were left in a lurch owing to their difficult circumstance, have received assistance following the publication of a story highlighting their struggles, in the The Himalayan Times.

German national Margarita Parrish Serra provided Rs 10,000, Khagendra Adhikari from Qatar provided Rs 5,000, Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Bajura Chief Govind Sijapati handed over Rs 2,000, the municipality provided a blanket along with sanitation materials and Rs 1,000 in cash.

It has been learnt that some amount of the collected money was used to purchase food, clothes, school uniform, and stationery items.

Earlier, on April 19, 2021, a news article had been published in THT covering their story, following which help arrived, shared Deputy Mayor of the Municipality, Kabita Bista.

Mani Guyal, who cannot speak or hear properly and her 10-year-old daughter Aakriti have been struggling to make ends meet.

After her husband's death, Mani was raped by a man from her village, as a result of which she was impregnated. Later, she gave birth to a daughter, got married and moved to another village with her new husband, only to be abandoned again.

The duo is currently residing in Panta village and receives social security allowance. Guyal's daughter is studying in Grade 4 at Ghataleshwari Primary School.

"We are living in desperation and my mother is either working or begging to bring in food. We cannot afford school stationery or have money to buy my school uniform," Aakriti shared.

According to the locals, the two have been living in a shed while the allowance they receives is barely enough for the mother and daughter to survive.