The mysterious outbreak that had grappled the Dhuralsain secondary school students in Budhiganga Municipality-1 of the district has been confirmed to be Influenza A.

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According to the health sub-coordinator Hasta Khadayat, ten among the 14 swab samples that had been dispatched to the Teku-based National Public Health Laboratory have confirmed the detection of Influenza A virus.

All the samples, however, have been tested negative for the COVID-19 infection, informed the chief of District Health Office, Daya Krishna Panta.

It has been learnt that the viral infection is currently under control.

More than 200 students of Dhuralsain secondary school in Budhiganga Municipality-1 of Bajura district had fallen ill due to unknown cause previously.

According to health assistant Tara Kumari Khatri, who had visited the school to diagnose the students, symptoms including cough and cold, fever, vomiting, diarrhea and headache had been witnessed among the ailing students.

The health workers have cited seasonal change as the reason for the mass spread of the virus.

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