Work under way to generate biogas from garbage

Sunsari, October 2

Venture Waste to Energy Private Limited is preparing to generate biogas by processing garbage in Dharan Sub-metropolitan City.

The company is working to generate biogas and biological manure from garbage collected in the sub-metropolitan city.

Construction of Processing Centre at a cost of Rs 240 million has reached the final stage. The centre is under-construction at Panabari of Dharan-6. After construction, the plant will start generating biogas and biological manure immediately after Dashain, according to the plant construction consultant engineer Bibek Agrawal. The plant is being construed on 16 kattha land. The company had signed the agreement with the sub-metropolis for plant construction two years ago.

The plant will have the capacity to process 50 tonnes of garbage on a daily basis. According to Agrawal, if the plant is operated in full capacity, it can produce 1,200 kg biogas and 400 kg biological manure on a daily basis.

The company has set the target of producing energy without use of chemicals and the plant has been designed accordingly, said Company Supervisor Madan Krishna Shrestha.

Dharan sub-metropolis-6 Chair Bhuwan Singh Basnet said that preparation was under way to distribute the gas through pipeline.

“We have started feasibility study for pipeline expansion,” he said.

Dharan generates 15 tonnes of garbage a day. Of that volume, eighty per cent is biological. The company will run the plant for 20 years and hand it over it to the sub-metropolis.