BLOG SURF: Getting lost

Being lost when you thought you were finally going somewhere; losing all hope when you thought it was the only thing left in you; just staring at the shattered pieces of your confidence, when you know it’ll always leave a nasty scar behind even if you put these pieces back together.

But at some point, you realize that Life moves on; things change and you have to change with it. One cannot mope about some regret and live with the pain forever.

That’s life, one moment you’ve hit rock bottom, next you are building a road for yourself with these rocks. Sometimes, when we are faced with disappointments in life, we tend to feel that the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

But, we fail to realize that may be the bulb has burnt out and you are the one to change it; or may be you just haven’t found the switch yet.

Who knows it’s not even dark yet to matter whether the light is on or off, it’s just you who have shut your eyes to the world.