COVID-19: Call for humanity

It seems so weird, we still act like we are doing this for Mother Earth and that we are going to come out as winners once we defeat this humongous evil ‘micro-organism’ which has affected so much of our lives.

We have the audacity to call ourselves emperors of this place called earth, while we’ve barely been here to understand its phenomena. All we are, are mere visitors of this beautiful place in the universe, one that we’ve exploited beyond measure. In this very little time that we’ve been here, we have destroyed millions of plants and animal species. We have altered the balance of the ecosystem, an act that might take a million years to reciprocate.

Yes, it is our home, but not just ours. We have acted like those sons who would betray their mother, an analogy clearly exemplified within our own species. An outcome of this greed is this present day suffering — COVID-19 — that we are all collectively paying the price for.

The irony is that this situation was expected to bring back some goodness in people and maybe just a bit of a realisation, but they are nowhere to be found, except those fancy “United We Stand” slogans on the Facebook walls.

Stupid we are, yet we manage to somehow have the nerve to blame a single race for this natural pandemic. From a girl wearing socks to cover her face (because she couldn’t get a mask to buy) to people quarreling over toilet paper in supermarkets, we have managed to make fun of everything possible. And there are some who are bribing their gods to get rid of the virus. Humanity is doomed, for real.

Yet what we must not forget are the acts of heroics that we have demonstrated in the past. We are an intelligent species: we have pulled off great extraordinary feats over the centuries. We have thought of the unimaginable and have carried out the impossible. And it is likely that we will get through this very situation, too.

Let us live this moment caring for the ones we love. And let us be cautious but also optimistic. For faith is the ultimate weapon we need. We must have faith in ourselves and in whatever strength we feel we have inside every one of us.

Our simplest discipline here is going to be crucial in this battle of our lives. Let us stay patiently inside our homes, and let the ones outside do their job peacefully. Let us have faith in the power of humanity. Together we will conquer, but united we must be!