KATHMANDU: Privacy of as many as 2.28 million users of the online dating site MeetMindful has been compromised following publication of personal user data online on January 20, on Tuesday.

According to MeetMindful, an infamous hacker was able to exploit a vulnerability in their system, allowing the hacker to export an outdated version of a list of basic user information.

It has been been learnt that first names (in some cases, last names), emails, notification preferences including some other basic account details–city/state, account creation and last-active dates as well as birthdays in some cases– of the users were wrongfully accessed. However, encrypted passwords and other credentials were not breached.

Information regarding the aforementioned personal details of the users was released on a popular hacking forum, according to the dating site. Similarly, the hacker also publicised the details of users of a few other sites, namely– Teespring.com and Bonobos among others.

"We are deeply sorry for that this has happened, and want to be as candid and transparent as possible about what occurred, who was affected, and how we're moving forward," the website notified apologetically.

Following the leak, the company claims to have identified and resolved the vulnerability.