Nepal | July 19, 2019

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Municipality agrees to construct bridge

Shadananda Municipality has taken the responsibility of constructing an under-construction Lamsuwa Bridge over the Arun River after bridge construction work was left in limbo for a long time in Bhojpu... Full Story

Arun river_Sankhuwasabha

Arun River in Shankhuwasabha

A view of Arun river in Namu VDC-4 of Shankhuwasabha district on Saturday, December 24, 2016. The construction of bridge over the river comes under Koshi corridor project that links northern neighbour... Full Story

Stone crushing_Arun river_Sankhuwasabha

Crushed by poverty

Locals are seen hammering stones to break down into pebbles, on the bank of Arun River in Sankhuwasabha district on Saturday, December 24, 2016. Photo: RSS... Full Story

Limbuwan bandh hits life hard

Life in the east has been affected due to the bandh called by Federal Limbuwan Party Nepal in the nine districts east of the Arun River seeking that the region be declared Limbuwan State... Full Story

Limbuwan warning

Federal Limbuwan Party Nepal central Secretary Premdip Thamsuhand has warned of forming a parallel government if their demand for a separate Limbuwan state comprising the nine districts east of Arun R... Full Story

Limbuwan demands nine districts

The Federal Limbuwan National Party has demanded that the nine eastern districts across Arun River be merged for its province, following the recent six-province model agreement between leaders of four... Full Story