The activist is linked to Greta Thunberg's movement


Indian climate activist Disha Ravi, 22, has been arrested on the charges of editing and circulating a document which has been labeled a 'Khalistani conspiracy' by the Delhi police.

Police have accused Ravi for being a key conspirator while formulating the document and it's dissemination. She has also been accused of attempting to revive the Khalistani movement.

The document which is being called a 'Toolkit' of activities against the Indian government was also shared by climate and environment activist Greta Thunberg while showing support for the ongoing farmers' protests in India.

Pro-government supporters on Twitter and even the Indian government had condemned international celebrities, including Thunberg, for 'interfering' in India's internal matters.

Meanwhile, according to a NDTV report, Ravi has denied the accusations leveled against her and said that she only wanted to support the farmers. "I did not make Toolkit. I edited two lines on February 3, she apparently told the court on Sunday.

Activists and leaders in opposition have condemned the police action against Ravi since her Sunday arrest.


The Modi-led Indian government has been facing one of the biggest challenges in form of the farmers' protest after introduction of the new agricultural legislation.

Hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers have been staging demonstrations against the laws which they say will only benefit big corporations.