Maid from Nepal not made for S Arabia

KATHMANDU: Nepali women migrant workers are getting just one-third the remuneration than what their Philipino counterparts get, a Gulf television channel reported today. Nepalis housemaids are getting Riyal 500 ($145) for a month — just 33 per cent of what Philipino maids get, Memri television reported.

Domestics’ salaries range from 1,500 Saudi riyals ($430) per month for a female employee from the Philippines to 500 riyals ($145) per month for a servant from Nepal.

Likewise, Bangladeshi and Indian housemaids are getting around 900-1,000 riyals. Around 1.2 million migrant housemaids are working in Saudi Arabia — 27 per cent of total overseas workers.

According to the report, two factors — illegal entry and lack of skills — are behind the low salary. “Nepali housemaids enter Saudi Arabia via India with the help of human traffickers as Nepal government does not encourage them to go for domestic work,” it said. Around 20,000 to 25,000 Nepali women are working in the Gulf country.

Nepal has opened Saudi Arabia for Nepali migrant workers but is reluctant to send women there. “Women are not safe there, so we don’t encourage them,” said Uma Shankar Joshi, director of the Department of Foreign

Employment (DoFE). Nepali women have been suffering exploitation

and even sexual violence there, he said.

The previous Maoist-led government did not

initiate the process of sending women to Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar though the

Saudi government had called for 1,00,000 housemaids from the crisis

management team of the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management

in May.

“We can send women workers in organized sector but not as housemaids,” said Joshi. In April, Saudi media reported about 60 Nepali women entering rehabilitation centres every week.

Nepali worker dies in Malaysia

KATHMANDU: A Nepali worker died after being hit by a container in North Port on Wednesday, Malaysian national news agency Bernama reported.

The deceased has been identified as Uttar Dhoj Waiba, 25. He was struck by a container while it was being lifted by a crane from a ship. Port Klang police chief ACP Mohamad Mat Yusop said the incident occurred at Wharf 20 about 5.30 am. — HNS