Simple music is the hardest music to play, and Blues is a simple music.

He started his relation with music at the age of nine when he heard his brother playing the guitar. Kenn Lending always had a leaning for the Afro-American music and Gospel and Blues, and loved the style. At 13, he attended his first concert in Copenhagen which turned out to be a Blues festival featuring legends like John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker among others, and he got hooked.

For the last 45 years, he has been making music and has been highly influenced by BB King. “In the ’70s, the Blues scene in Denmark was not that happening, and I got into other music like Soul, Reggae and Salsa, and learnt from them a lot,” says Lending, who learned to play Blues listening to and playing records of legendary musicians.

He played with Champion Jack Dupree (pianist/vocalist), a New Orleans born musician, for two decades before he passed away in 1992. “He taught me all about Blues and treated me like his son. He always said ‘I play to make people happy’ and that’s what I’m doing now.”